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All the food at Bambu House is cooked fresh by Ibu Any and Chandy.  Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are bought every morning at the local market. Many of the herbs and spices are grown in the Bambu House garden.  Fish and other seafood are bought in the local fishing village directly from the fishermen and their boats.

The meals are all traditional East Javanese recipes handed down through the women in the family.  All the spice pastes and sambals are painstakingly prepared by hand and crushed into a paste on volcanic stone mortar and pestle.  The dishes have a lovely delicate, aromatic quality.  Each meal is a balance of vegetable dishes, steamed rice and either meat, chicken, fish or tofu and tempe.  Tempe is a fermented soy bean pattie. It is delicious for all food lovers, not just vegetarians.

Ibu Any is known for her Indonesian cakes and desserts.  These are healthy, as well as tasty dishes often served as breakfast, with tea and coffee.  The coffee is grown locally and roasted by Ibu Any in a ceramic wok over coals.

Fresh fruit juice is available.  A favourite is the young coconut juice made from our own coconut tree.

Selamat Makan.

Breakfast included in rate. Lunch and dinner can be catered for at an additional $5 per person per extra meal.

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