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Bambu House

Bambu House – traditional Balinese architecture located in the small village of Kampoeng Loji


Comfortable furnishings and wrap around veranda

Beach View

Medewi surf beach


Villa entrance


View of Kampoeng Loji

On Bali’s west coast, 60 km north west of Kuta is a small village, Kampoeng Loji, only 600 metres from Medewi surf beach. Bambu House is located in this small, predominantly Muslim village of 300 people set amongst rice paddies and fruit and vegetable plots.

Bambu House is a home style villa, recently built using traditional Balinese architecture and local materials. It is the only villa for rent in the area, featuring a comfortable house with a wrap around veranda and private garden.

Food is authentic home cooked east Javanese cuisine. All food is bought fresh daily at the markets and cooked by Ibu Any and Chandy at the house. The women create delicious and aromatic meals based on family recipes.

The Medewi surf wave is a long left hander breaking over river stones, deposited over many wet seasons, as the river opens to the sea. The wave is a soft breaking wave in contrast to many of Bali’s other waves that break over coral. Medewi attracts beginners and older surfers looking for an easier wave with a friendly vibe in the water. Depending on the movement of sand, Medewi also has a fun right hander and a number of beach breaks.

If you are looking for a quiet unspoilt place, with easy access to great surf, away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta, reminiscent of Bali thirty years ago before development, then Bambu House is an ideal place to stay.

Visitors to Kampoeng Loji should be respectful of Muslim culture. Open displays of drunkenness are not acceptable and please dress modestly while walking through the village. A major bonus of this Muslim village is there are no dogs.